Jora wears the clothes of a traveler, though you notice that in place of a cord around her waist gleams a thin chain, wrapped twice around her body. The ends of the chain are obscured within the folds of her cloak, but if you took a closer look you might notice that they’re capped with savage spikes. She has a backpack which she has modified and wears low on one hip, just below the chain. Glancing in you can see a small array of glass bottles and vials – though the oilcloth padding them keeps them from making any sound as she moves.

Her appearance is striking. She’s very small, you realize, even for a gnome – and her violet eyes, when they catch the light, contrast sharply with her fair skin and silver hair. Upon a closer inspection you notice a few subtle pieces of jewelry that complement her simple outfit in a very flattering way. It’s hard to place her style – at once modest and impressive, she is obviously acutely aware of how she’s presenting herself at any given moment.

Behind her stands a small black pony with various gear stuffed into his saddlebags and a simple set of leather armor currently strapped to the seat of his saddle. Attached to his bridle is a comically decorated tag declaring his name to be “Horse.” He appears slightly bored, his eyes darting periodically to an exposed patch of grass along the side of the road.

Through her carefully noncommittal appearance it’s hard to get a sense of exactly what she does, but if you listen you can hear her humming a rather complex tune deftly enough to impress you. A performer, then – perhaps some sort of bard?



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