What is a guard and why are they so different from city to city and kingdom to kingdom. Everyone who has been to a major city in Drif’Tara has seen guards. Children will put flowers on their gear, toss stones at them for fun, and attempt to arouse their anger in times of peace. Guards are part of the woodwork of this land. Those who have traveled far and wide have seen the stone-like guards of the Dwarven Kingdom, the peculiar gear of guards of Sann’sola, the awesome pegasi-riding guards of the Airlands, and the eerie lack of guards surrounding the seat of the Wizard King.

Denizens of the Common Lands are much more used to the motley assortment of guards located in those cities. In the areas of multi- racial cities, it is common to see humans, elves, dwarves, half-elves, half-orcs, and any other rugged humanoids serving in the guard. The guards at the Parade are no different, and contain many more races than other typical cities.

When you arrived to the Great Pavilion, you had probably spent some time wandering about the Parade at first. All Parade guards wear the golden crest on their right shoulders, identifying them as official guards of the parade. Beyond this golden crest, the guards of the Parade are as varied as can be. You’ve seen stout dwarves in full- plate wielding fierce axes. You’ve seen skinny elves wearing thin leather armor wielding enormous bows. You’ve even seen tiny gnomes and halflings in robes with staves or slings at their side. All wear the golden crest.

It is unlikely that you have noticed Karl unless you have never seen a Half-Orc before. Karl stands at the edge of the room slowly looking around, pausing his gaze occasionally on the more conspicuous characters. He is the tallest guard in the room standing 6’8” with red eyes and a black mullet. You can tell that Karl is likely just under 20 years old, but wears a very serious face. He wears a breastplate and carries a ranseur, and has shortspears and a bow/quiver combo on his back.

Unless you approach Karl to engage in conversation, he says nothing to anyone. Unless you are particularly attracted to Karl, you likely notice nothing more about this hulking being. Unless you study his features any further, you don’t notice that he might be slightly fidgety as he shifts his ranseur from hand to hand, muttering slightly below his breath to himself.



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