Rico Valon


Height: 6’2” Weight: 190 lean Skin: Deep tan Hair: Black Eyes: Steel Gray Age: 19

Rico of Valon is much as described, though he is only 19 years of age he has the look of a man in his mid 20s. Life has not been easy for Rico, and his body is evidence to that fact. If one looks closely he is covered in scars. None more obvious than the large scar on his left leg in the lower front quadrant. He walks with a staff, and on a cold night one can see him favoring that leg still. Rico appears no more buff than an average man but his look and the way he caries himselfs leaves the impression that he is strong. His clothes are not that of royalty, or high stature. He wears the brown garb of a monk with a travelor’s cloak. His only distinguishing vestement is a set of bracers he always wears. The bracers carry the engraving of a winding road that trails off into the horizon under a crescent moon and a watchful eye. At his waist is a small pouch with a strip of leather.


Rico Valon

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