Common Lands

While various peoples inhabit almost every corner of Drif’Tara, by far the most populous region are the Common Lands of the South. The Common Lands have no central government, and are home to almost every land-fairing civilized race.. Each city within the region is a free and sovereign entity. Amicable relations and a healthy trade route are maintained within the city. While all cities in the common land are are considered equal, by far the greatest in population and splendor is Gren Noval, the City on the Hill.

At the beginning of every year, and representatives (usually the ruling officials) of each major city form a congress to discuss the matters concerning the region. For the first few days, they talk only among themselves, making agreements, sharing information, and tending to other diplomatic purposes. Matters of dispute that cannot be handled or agreed upon by the parties of interest are settled by Wizard King of Gren Noval, though this is due to tradition and not any formal policy. Be that as it may, it is always the case. Similarly is the Wizard King always in attendance of the congress by tradition.

Once the needs of the major cities have been seen to, the congress holds allows an audience to representatives from smaller cities, towns, villages, organizations, and foreign heads of state. The entire meeting usually lasts for about a month. The location of the congress changes from year to year, though it is frequently held near The Parade, if possible. During years where The Parade is in the Common Lands at the same time of the congress, an invitation is extended to The Host and Council of The Parade, to sit in the congress, as honored delegates. Often this invitation is accepted, though not always, and very rarely does The Host of The Parade attend.

Relations between the cities of the Common Lands and their two neighbors, the Halfling Empire to the West and the Dwarven Kingdom are maintained as well. These relations are much closer with the former, and almost entirely centered around trade, with the latter. It is often difficult to tell where the Northern Boundary of the Halfling Empire ends, and the Southern Border of the Northwestern Coastal area of the Common Lands begin. Neither nation seems very concerned about this, as land is in abundance, particularly in that area.

The Common Lands and all of its roads are open to every traveler. The burden of maintaining and protecting the roads are jointly shared by the cities and the Keepers of the Road. While the Common Lands technically end when the sea begins, they also see to maintaining half of the southern most stretch of the Sea Road, the northern half being tended to by Velose.

Common Lands

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