Halfling Empire

The ever-growing homeland of the Halflings. The Empire shares an geographically-ambiguous border with the Common Lands.

Historically, the halflings have been content to occupy only a small portion of land, maintaining a small population. In the past 6 or so centuries, however, the halfling population, and the borders of their lands, have swelled. Roughly 400 years ago, the halflings crowned a monarch, and the Halfling Empire was born. Shortly after, gnomish architects and dwarven builders were hired to construct a palace in Harvish Glen, the empire’s capital, now called The Small Keep.

Many have attributed the change in the halfling society to the inspiration and hope spread by The Parade.

Friendly visitors are welcomed into the empire, though troublemakers are promptly ejected (the halflings will suffer no disquiet, nor prisons). On rare occasion, an offer will be extended for an outsider to set up permanent residence. Such an offer is only extended to those that will treat the gesture for the honor that it is, and that will respect the harmony of the halfling way of life.

Halfling Empire

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