Keepers of the Road

The Keepers of the Road have been around for as long as any one can remember. They predate The Parade, though the era of peace has lead to a decline in their numbers. Their purpose is to protect “The Road” and keep it safe for all to pass. As such the common folk know them only as peace keepers. Members are well liked and well respected.

The Keepers of the Road have an understanding with all establishments on any road. Any member whom passes by is always granted lodging and food. It may not be the King’s table, but a meal and shelter is provided to all members. The cost is seen as payment for keeping the roads safe. While this is mostly seen as a tradition today, it started at the origins of the group and is still seen as mandatory for the higher members of the group.

The Keepers of the Road are actually members of an ancient order, The Farlanghnian Order. The Order does indeed predate The Parade and while most people only see the men that are assigned to protect certain areas of the world, the order is much larger and has an intricate leadership structure. They are headquartered at a place known as The Great Crossroads. In the olden days they use to maintain an army, though it was never that big. Today, they still maintain a force but it is nothing like the past. All monks of the order follow the rules of the order and thereby follow the Laws of Farlanghn. The rules of our order are simple and there are but 3:

We are to uphold the laws of Farlanghn.

We have no concept of money, all that we own we have earned. Either through gifts of those we help, or gifts of those we have taught lessons.

Protect your assignment at all costs.

The Laws of Farlanghn:
  • Though shalt not thieve. The punishment, loss of all worldy goods, and banishment from the road.
  • Though shalt not rape. The punishment, castration and banishment from the road.
  • The road is free for all to pass, always. Punishment is death.
  • Every living creature has a right to the road. Punishment is branding with the symbol of Farlanghn.
  • Punishment is always nondiscrimitory and always final.
  • Farlanghn is the final law, the only law, and has precedent in all cases on the road. To defy the judgement, and punishment is to be sentenced to death.
  • Any establishment may be considered part of the road, and therefore gain the Farlanghn protection. To gain this protection the establishment must always open their doors to the Order. * To close the doors even once revokes that protection.

Keepers of the Road

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