The Parade

The Parade, or the March of Unity as it was originally called, is a massive magical parade that has been going for nearly 800 years, in honor of an era of peace, commonly referred to as The Era, that has continued since the time that The Parade began. It is unknown if The Parade has something to do with The Era, or if it merely celebrates its beginning.

The Parade is massive, stretching for miles, its length varying with time, and often at least 100 feet wide at its narrowest point. It is led by a team of 80 horses that pull an enormous, wheeled building, called The Parade House. At its base is a small amphitheater, where The Host of the parade presides, and special activities are held. Due to its massive size and incredible attendance, which, at times, numbers into the millions, it is akin to a moving city. The festivities of a normal parade (music, light, entertainment, etc.) are maintained at all points, and all points are covered by a glowing light, known as The Aurora, which has numerous effects, including reducing the damage that so many travelers and vehicles would cause to a barely noticeable minimum.

Tbe Parade is a symbol of hope, peace, and prosperity in the land. It travels about the land, and on rare occasions, over bodies of water (though obviously magical means). It makes frequent stops, often traveling at a slow pace for only a few days, at The Host’s discretion, and when it does it stops for exactly 8 days before moving on. The majority of The Parade’s attendant’s are also permanent residents, fortified by The Aurora to be able to walk and dance for days on end, and sleeping in tents or carts (which are often set up as shops that operate whether The Parade is moving or not). The leaders of many (though not all) cities provide The Parade with supplies, requesting nothing in return. The commerce that comes with The Parade more than makes up for what is lost in tribute.

The parade grounds are mostly, though not entirely, peaceful, its occupants kept placid by The Aurora. There are guards, though, as The Aurora cannot placate all emotions, especially very strong ones, nor can it resolve all of the disputes within its boundaries. Harmony reigns, though, for the most part. The Parade has never been attacked by a force large enough to threaten it.

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The Parade

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